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Super 100 Artists

Featuring 100 amazing artists

“Super 100 Artists” is a curated ensemble of creativity and vision, showcasing a blend of established masters and emerging talents whose works enrich the vibrant art scene of the United Arab Emirates. This book stands as a testament to the flourishing cultural dynamism that the UAE embodies, where diverse artistic expressions converge against a backdrop of architectural marvels and cosmopolitan vigor.


The UAE is a beacon of innovation, a place where the echoes of history mingle with futuristic aspirations. It is this blend of the traditional and the modern, the local and the international, that makes the UAE not only a powerhouse of commerce and technology but also a thriving canvas for artistic exploration. “Super 100 Artists” captures this essence, highlighting the unique voices and visions of artists who contribute to the cultural richness of this region.

Within these pages lie the stories of passion and perseverance. Each artist presented here offers a unique perspective, a distinct style, and a heartfelt expression of their inner world. Their artworks span across mediums and genres, reflecting personal narratives and broader socio-cultural themes that resonate with both local and global audiences.

As you explore “Super 100 Artists,” you are invited on a journey through the imagination and creativity of some of the most talented artists associated with the UAE. This book aims not only to showcase beautiful artworks but to foster a deeper appreciation for the minds and hands behind them. It is a celebration of artistic endeavor and a homage to those who dare to dream and express boldly.

We hope that this book not only commemorates the current landscape of art in the UAE but also inspires future generations of artists. May it serve as a source of inspiration and a bridge connecting art lovers and creators around the world.

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