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Frequently Asked Questions - CREATE 2.0 | ARTOZE Inter-School Art Exhibition and Competition

We're thrilled to announce that the 𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗘 2.0 | ARTOZE Inter-School Art Exhibition and Competition 2023 is taking things to the next level, thanks to our partnership with the incredible team at 𝗠𝗔𝗚𝗭𝗢𝗜𝗗 𝗠𝗔𝗚𝗔𝗭𝗜𝗡𝗘 @magzoidmagazine🤩


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1. How can I register for this event?

You can register yourself by clicking the following link:

2. Who can register?

Any school going individual can register for this event irrespective of whether his/her school is participating in the event.


3. How many artworks can I submit?

You are free to submit as many artworks as you like. The registration fee is AED 100/- (Early bird offer) per artwork until 31st July 2023. After which it will be AED 150/- until 31st August 2023.


4. How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee for this event is a nominal amount of AED 150/- per artwork.


5. How can I upload my artwork?

The artwork can be uploaded in two methods; during the registration time wherein within the link you can upload your artwork or you can choose to upload on the submission link:


6. What identification will I have to provide?

In order to make sure that the competition is fair and equal for everyone participating, we would like the participants to show their school ID card.


7. What is the last day to submit the artwork?

The deadline to submit your artwork would be 31st August 2023


8. What should you keep in mind before the submission?

The file submitted should not exceed 3.5MB in size and must not contain any unnecessary objects or hindrances around the art. Kindly also ensure the IMAGE file submitted is not blurry or contains stretched pixels.


​9. What is the selection process?

The event will be divided into two phases:

Phase I will be an exhibition and preliminary competition round wherein all registered participants will display their submitted and approved artworks in the ARTOZE Virtual Reality Exhibition Gallery.

Phase II will encompass the selected participants to present their artworks in person in front of an audience and jury members that will select amongst each category winners and prize holders.


1. How many categories are there?

The different categories of participation are as follows:

Category 1 (for the students in Classes 1-4)

  1. Go as you like (Freestyle)

  2. Coloring a chosen Template

Category 2 (for the students in Classes 5-8)

  1. WaterColor

  2. Acrylic

  3. Sketching/shading

  4. Pastel

  5. Oil painting

  6. Other

Category 3 (for the students in Classes 9-12)

  1. Watercolor

  2. Acrylic

  3. sketching/shading

  4. Pastel

  5. Oil painting

  6. Other

2. How do I select my category?

Categories are divided based on classes as described in the previous FAQ. Please select the correct category while you are registering and sub-category can be chosen accordingly.

3. What is the Judging criteria?

The judgement would be done based on the following criteria:

  • Originality of the Artwork 

  • Technique used to build the art piece 

  • Interpretation of the artwork 

  • Storyline associated with the art piece 

  • Overall Impression of the artwork


1. What are the opportunities for the participating schools?

Inter-School art competition brings enormous opportunities to all the participating schools, like:

  • Opportunity to showcase and celebrate the creativity within the student in an award winning art gallery.

  • Students get a chance to express themselves through their art which adds value not only as a co-curricular activity but also helps develop their confidence and competitiveness.

  • Chance to gain media attention and publicity across the competition by displaying  diverse talent.

  • Get recognized by the art culture and community of the UAE.

  •  A chance to get recognized through the following award categories:

  1. Overall winner

  2. 1st runner up

  3. 2nd runner up

  4. School with the highest number of creatives

  • Great networking opportunity with our esteemed sponsors, delegates and our extraordinary participants.

  • VIP Invitation for the school delegates.

  • Immense marketing benefits for the participating schools.

  • Promote your institute far and wide across the UAE showcasing the immense talent.

2. How does it help me as a participant?

This competition is going to be highly rewarding, not just in terms of the participation but the entire experience that you will come across, like:

  • A National level award winning platform to showcase your creativity.

  • Opportunity to be a part of one of it's kind blended art exhibition for the students.

  • Stand a chance to represent your school.

  • Certificate of participation signed by the esteemed jury panel for everyone.

  • Get your artworks exhibited online in one of the most viewed online VR art gallery globally.

  • Gain media attention to publicize while you showcase your work.

  • Stand a chance to win from a wide pool of prizes worth AED 25K+.

  • Win additional goodies from our event partners.

3. Can we participate as a brand/company?

Companies/brands can participate in the competition by choosing to join this event as a partner along with the event organizers.

4. Can I choose to withdraw from the competition after paying the participation fee?

A participant may choose to withdraw from the competition but the participation fees will not be refunded. We however would never want you to opt out.

5. What are the prizes to be won?

There would be winners for each and every category and sub-category. Stay tuned for detailed updates on the prizes as we announce them on our official social media handles.

6. Is the competition in-person (physical) or online (virtual)?

This event will begin with an online exhibition of all the approved and selected artworks which  would be displayed in a virtual art gallery. It would then be followed up by an in-person award ceremony where selected students from the Phase I will be invited to Phase II for presenting their artworks physically.

7. How will I know if I am selected for Phase II?

We will reach out to each and every selected participant individually with regards to the same. The official announcement will be made on our official social media handles as well.

8. Who will judge the artwork?

There would be an esteemed jury panel comprising of the industry veterans and the leaders in their segments to provide their feedback on each and every artwork of the participants. They would also be announced closer to the event dates.

9. Is the competition open to universities or is it only school students?

This competition in particular pertains only to schools; however, please do reach out to us and we will be more than happy to keep you updated for similar competition for university students, as we announce them.

10. Will I get a participation certificate?

Yes, every participant will receive a Certificate of Participation along with some exciting goodies and an amazing experience that we have set up for you.

11. Will the organizers arrange the transportation for the artwork?

Participants are responsible for their own artwork and making sure their artwork reaches the venue safely. The organizers will not be providing transport/courier services.

12. Will the organizers provide transport to participants?

Transportation will not be provided by the organizers, participants may choose to travel with their school transport or use their own transport.

13. Can I choose to participate independently (not as a school student) from my school?

Yes, participants are more than welcome to participate independently but the condition remains the same which is you must be enrolled in a school currently. As long as you have a valid school ID, it’s the participants choice on how he/she wishes to participate for this competition.

14. What are the guidelines I must follow to participate?

Please find the additional details here:


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