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Artists Calendar 2024

Featuring 12 amazing artists

This limited edition 2024 Artist Calendar, where every month unfolds as a masterpiece, showcasing the diverse brilliance of twelve visionary artists: Waaris Hasan, Sudheer Perinjat, Mohammed Fettoo, Jamil Boudiab, Faisal Abdulqader, Ayah Al Attar, Varsha Sureka, Aakansha, Diaa Allam, Marwan Shakarchi, Fazel Shams, and Khalil Abdul Wahid. This calendar is not just a timekeeper; it's an immersive journey into the artistry that defines each passing day.

The 2024 calendar, also referred to as the art calendar or artist calendar, is a true celebration of artistic creativity and cultural diversity. The featured artists were thoughtfully curated to represent their distinct style and vision, resulting in a calendar that is a reflection of their outstanding talent and creativity.

By supporting the local and international art scene and the creative economy of the UAE, we are committed to providing valuable exposure and recognition to these talented artists. This calendar is a celebration of artistry, enriching the rhythm of your year with a symphony of diverse perspectives. Step into a world where each day is a canvas, inviting you to appreciate, contemplate, and find inspiration in the mastery of these gifted artists. Start your refined journey into art – a timeless companion for the year ahead.

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