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The Impact of Social Media on Art and Artists

Social media has been weaving through the art world and changing various aspects of art, the artists and the art-viewing experience for the audience. Diving deep into the colours of this perspective leaves us pondering on how social media as a platform has served to the art community.

So how did artists become famous before the light rush of social media?

They tried hard and pleased the gatekeepers of the industry merely with their skill and spark.

Looking at the warmer shades we discover that social media has granted a white canvas where the artists can pour in the paints of their creation to represent themselves and connect to the niche audience and raise demand for their uniqueness.

This platform helps the artists connect with their viewers on a personal level and opens doors of exploration apart from art. Prior to the social media age, to experience art, one had to visit an art gallery or a museum but now it’s on our fingertip. Visiting the social media page of an artist will give you an insightful and memorable art viewing experience but we also agree to the fact that enjoying the intricacies and exploring the stories in a piece of art feels different on the screens of our mobile phones and under the lighting in a framed canvas. But this new option sells for many and the whole experience of viewing art changed offering its advantages and shortcomings.

Artists can rightly use this medium to promote and popularize themselves, it's definitely not as easy as it sounds because the competition and the number of supremely talented creators are as many as leaves in a tree and there's a new leaf growing every time. Keeping up to the trends and social issues and curating art that touches and connects with the audience is the real task. For example after the 'Black Lives Matter' movement many black artists got the spotlight they always deserved.

Art is a creative form of expression. Social media as a platform has gifted artists complete freedom to explore and find the far corners of creativity within themselves and put forward the best. Back in the day art was a leisure for the rich and now that has changed.

Social media is a world in itself, it's a world to get inspired and envious. Somewhere in between the two we try to relate and compare. Artists get motivated musing at the work done by the fellow community members, they often take inspiration and perceive them as idols on the other hand some artists tend to devalue their growth comparing it to the progress made by their colleagues and this can increase peer pressure and effect their creative liberty. Hence we know that the impact of social media on art and artists is not all sugar and sweet, leading to the slash of creativity.

Art as an industry has been growing since the birth of social media increasing the number of art admirers and decreasing the number of involvement of nature and use of physical space to exhibit a collection of soulful canvasses.

Today Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media feeds are the art galleries and this is a medium powerful enough to create the buzz and uproar for deserving talents.

During the tough times of the global pandemic, social media has become a part of our staple diet and this has helped artists come out in different ways. Art has provided to be a soothing element highlighting visual appeal, creativity and imagination. In times like this we have realized and observed the beauty of nature we have been ignoring over the years. Artists have helped us enjoy and reminisce the essence of minimalistic and extravagant character of the world through the strokes of their perspectives.

ARTOZE has constantly been working to give space to all the creators and artists on the rainbow of the internet today; we are elated to be a part of the community full of vibrance and positivity.

You can always reach out to us if you want to come forward to stand along with your fellow community members to share your experiences, views and knowledge. A platform By the Artists, For the Artists.

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