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The Creative Buds - An Online International Art Exhibition & Competition for Students

We’ve heard that opportunities don't happen, you create them. But today we’d like to let you all know that ARTOZE is gifting an opportunity for student artists to shine in glory.

It is our latest edition of an online joyride in which we have prepared a thrilling and artsy exhibition and competition calling for students up-to 18-years of age. All the themes of this event revolves around the beauty of our surroundings and the astounding captivity of nature’s gifts.

Times where we’re isolated from our environment and stuck between the concrete walls of our homes, it is going to be a refreshing journey for students to explore their creative sides through Mother Earth’s essence and a moment to reminisce those memories strung to Earth.

The first category is for students up till the age of seven, their theme being ‘Planet Earth’. The second category will feature students from the ages 8 to 13 and the theme designated to them is ‘The Beautiful Nature’. Our third category is for students between the ages of 14 to 18, to enlighten their thoughts and vision the theme assigned to them is ‘The Future I Visualize’, which is also apt to their growing and flourishing age niche into young adults.

This is the prime opportunity for students to unleash their talents. Students and parents can go under every category online where ‘Go as You Like’ is mentioned and submit their artworks under these categories. Students are open to submit paintings, drawings, sketches, oil pastels, and canvas. Please note that Digital Art will not be accepted.

The link to register for the event is here:-

Such an exhibition comes along with fruitful benefits for students and gives them a chance to launch their artistic careers and passions later in life. It gives them an insightful glance into how the world of art functions, and this will allow them to showcase their talents globally and be internationally recognized. It ensures to give them outstanding visibility and boost their confidence in their art as well as other respective fields.

Events like this tend to build a warm community of art lovers who are ready to support you and back you up. Apart from prizes for winners, all students will be granted certificates of participation. Every student will be showered with appreciation and love from the artistic community. They can also gain wise feedback and critique regarding their artwork which will help them to polish their skills. This experience is ensured to be one of a kind, that you are likely to remember for the rest of your life, as one of the steppingstones to your booming careers.

ARTOZE is just simply pleased and excited to meet those students with vibrant thoughts to paint. We are constantly making efforts to give you the best online global competition and exhibition experience. We wish you all the very best.

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