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"Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Supriti Chauhan

The laburnum tree is the personification of life and beauty; it is a part of nature that stands out because of its vibrant yellow shades. The golden chain tree is home to the rainbow of wildlife. With all the love and grace the tree carries, it tends to reflect more on the canvas of Supriti Chauhan, an Indian artist and educator based out in India.

Supriti Chauhan connects to the heart of nature which explains the secret of originality and inspiring beauty brimming in all her paintings. Her work aims at bringing enlightenment and the urge to admire and find the beauty of our surroundings, that we have probably forgotten in our mundane lives. Her paintings bring an insightful tinge of excitement in our perspective of nature, it germinates the buried feelings for the rain, flowers, foliage and the little visitors who play an important role keeping this world together in one piece. It is an experience that holds true to the visual appeal of a naturalistic and artistic view. Her work drives you to seek inspiration from nature and value the essence of what you own. She believes that nature has the power to transform you if you allow it to, one has to embrace it the way it is and that’s when the magic begins to unravel- of the restorative and spiritual realm of a world within you, in sync with nature. She enjoys gardening and encourages her audience to do the same as it is important to adopt sustainable practices that help you lead a healthier life by developing organic eating habits. In her view this is very much possible even though it may seem like a long haul. "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"- Vincent Van Gogh. He has remained to be her all time inspiration for the way he captures the intricacies of nature in his perspective and then to the canvas. She also loves Claude Monet's works for the way he plays around with light, colors and how it influences human emotions. She has forever been intrigued by their techniques of capturing nature and portraying it the most appealing way possible. Focus and concentration are important parts of not only student life but also the life in a world outside the comfort zone. It is essential to be pressed and motivated to achieve the set goals in life and attaining them helps one discover oneself like a book of mysteries. In Supriti Chauhan’s view, art teaches students to be focused as one perseveres through any creative endeavor or a medium, focus is imperative; one becomes more purposeful striving towards a planned and intended outcome. She believes art helps children in developing important characteristics that they will need as adults- creativity and imagination, communication, collaboration, confidence, critical thinking, problem solving apart from patience and aesthetics. The list is endless. This shows how as an educator she focuses not just on the academic excellence of a student but also acknowledges and embraces the creative and artistic instincts of a springing young talent and the fact she has been able to successfully juggle between her profession, family and creative endeavors gives her a high. It makes her feel proud to be able to learn something new every single day. Her message to other artists is simply just effective and inspiring, she encourages and urges creative minds to start their journey, and not wait for that one moment or that perfect art supply. She says, "Just start, flow with it and let the magic of colors take over." Pursuing your passion that brings you joy and helps you rejuvenate and heal yourself is nothing wrong, she asks other artists to take colors as their guide and travel through the unravelling journey they take you through. She believes challenging yourself to paint every day can make a big difference as consistency is key to the uphill ride. She considers participation in art challenges and interaction with the online community members (this is exactly what we at ARTOZE aim at) as a method to stay consistent with your daily practice and keep you inspired throughout the adventure. Art is not a for Supriti Chauhan career, it is a retreat. She is an educator by profession. ‘Laburnum Soul’, is something that takes her away from it all and helps her destress, heal and feel rejuvenated every single morning, brimming with new ideas not only at her work-place but also in all her creative endeavors. Being a soul stringed to nature, she has taken various steps in this lockdown to contribute to the mother earth. She learned to grow her own microgreens in a limited space and practice hydroponics. The Pandemic also led her to become more mindful in the garbage disposal system and she has adopted more sustainable practices for the same. We conclude by quoting the words of the Supriti Chauhan "Nature is mindful and restorative. All these practices are reflective and evident in my artworks."

We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

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