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"Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist – Ashwini Sajeendran

Doctors have always been artists. They fix the wear and tear in the art designed by the creator. They paint hearts red with life springing beneath their fingers, they paint faces with smiles and tears of joy, and they're the candle burning tirelessly to spread light in dark times of the global pandemic.

Doctor Ashwini Sajeendran, is an Indian artist based in the United Kingdom. She pursued her dream to become a doctor alongside the determination to accomplish a career in her passion art. Her mother has been her support system and forever inspiration throughout her journey.

Being a doctor she has been through all the anecdotes you've heard a medical student has given a rant about. This is why she recognizes the importance of art in a student's life. She believes that art is a medium of expression and self-reflection and this helps one water the plants of creativity initiating growth.

Ashwini is specialized in watercolor, acrylic, oil pencil, and Gouache. She enjoys watercolor and gouache the most. Gouache is opaque watercolor and is a water medium paint consisting of natural pigment. This induces realism in one's art, and she considers achieving realism as a way to express herself.

Being a doctor and a responsible human being Ashwini has been constantly driving for a better tomorrow. Her craft is pleasing to the eyes and soul. She is highly committed to both her profession and passion. Her consistent efforts to make a career out of her passion is appreciable and endures her heart and love for her craft.

Her message to other artists is very simple yet effective, "Keep experimenting and practicing and one day you will achieve what you've been dreaming for", this statement truly proves that consistency and hard work is the hero and heroine of the movie, 'The Journey To Success'. Her lively character and interest in capturing simple moments of life and nature holds her highlighted from the crowd of artists achieving a career in art.

We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

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