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ARTOZE International Art Magazine - Edition: July-Sept, 2020

The wait is over, and the intriguing journey through the minds brimming with creativity begins! The climate is changing from the pale pandemic to picturesque strokes of waves in the sky because here we launch the much-awaited ARTOZE International Magazine. Here we delineate talents across the globe and inspiring anecdotes by established personalities. From the amateur to the professionals, the ARTOZE International Magazine provides a prestigious abode to everyone. Let's join hands and pave a new journey of success and unprecedented growth. The magazine engraves the 'Inspire and Empower' series featuring popular artists which plates a slice of everything that can give an insightful read, and maybe pull the string of creativity in you, or move that one rock that stopped you from pursuing your passion. The beauty of imagination abides in art, travelling through the words and ideas of the artists assure the ignition of a flame with colors brighter than the rainbow. Get a hard copy of the magazine to let your craft find a spring to the top. In the Blog Spot, you get to read and travel through the chain of thoughts of our writers, who present opinions and facts you must know about art and its impact on various aspects of life and people. Being well informed is always key. The art competition held at the Gulf Indian High School stirred some innovative and intricate artworks, the students enthusiastically participated in the successful event. The award ceremony was held online subsequent to the competition to prize the deserving winners. Despite the difficulties that came in due to the pandemic, the children were very positive and excited, the parents showed immense support and it was indeed a delightful evening.

The juries including Mitun De Sarkar, Malvika Vardhan, Varsha Sureka, Snisha Sreejith and Julia Smolenkova views and insights on art and the importance of art for children exclusively to ARTOZE. Their presence at the award ceremony made the event all the more engaging and rich in experience. Motivation and opportunities are very important ingredients for the success of a child's dream and the juries truly supported this statement and encouraged the children to keep embracing their creativity and not let it fade out as age steps in with factors like responsibilities and commitments. The humble and inspiring words of the jury members surely motivated the kids to keep their artistic insights alive. ARTOZE organizes fun events and competitions to keep artistic minds engaged in their creative zone, one such venture is the 'Doodle A Day' competition. To know more follow on Instagram and stay updated on all our exciting contests ahead. ARTOZE has always been very warm to welcome young talents and bid their creativity to deserving heights. To achieve this objective we celebrate creativity via the exciting global events, competitions and exhibitions, to know more about the upcoming ventures get hold of the ARTOZE magazine promptly. We promise, with this International Magazine you're signing up for an experience visually appealing and creatively inspiring. Join us on the joyride of watching waves in the sky. We conclude by saying "A book without words is like a creative mind without opportunities", and ARTOZE believes and works towards providing opportunities to everyone who holds a tinge of art and creativity in them. Get hold of the ARTOZE International Magazine now! Click here to get your magazine now.

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