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ARTOZE International Art Exhibition for Artists - My Brush Strokes

Talent is owned, knowledge is spread and vision is perceived, and taking inspiration from one's journey is always an amusing drive thru their stories and thoughts. ARTOZE takes pride in being able to connect minds that seek inspiration and absorb ideas and sagacity with personalities who have a tale to share. The International Art Exhibition 'My Brush Strokes' was an event much awaited by the followers of ARTOZE, the launch ceremony was indeed an intriguing and insightful ride over the waves of thoughts and perceptions that rippled in discussions and talks that followed. The event took abode at 5:00 pm, but the participants had stated joining before in time beginning from 4:30 pm which was the joining time. The art gallery of the previous event, The International Art Exhibition for Students 'The Creative Buds' inaugurated the journey towards the next. The latest edition of the ARTOZE International Magazine, which gained over 20k+ views also made an entry before the official start time. The hosts raised flags on how the audience should submit feedbacks on their social media pages about the exhibition. This instantly stirred the chatbox with numerous warm and positive comments which ignited the spirits of the organizers even more. The overwhelming response on social media, where the meeting participants posted photos on Instagram tagging that day was a fulfilling achievement accomplished via the event. All guest speakers were in attendance and there was an engaging chat with John Hui about how the previous event was essential as it nurtures and encourages a passion for art in a tender age before being wrapped in creative blocks and hindrances of life, which will eventually open doors of self-discovery for them.

The entire pace and excitement of the event hyped as the current exhibition gallery was presented, this also included, how one can walk through the gallery on their own as well, this resulted in a remarkable outpour of response from the audience in the chatbox. The temperatures raised as the enthusiasm among the audience fired. Following was the introduction of all the panel members one by one in the following order, all of them actively took part in discussions during the event which certainly enlightened everyone sharing and receiving thoughts. Mr.Eric Dailey was our First Guest, he is from the United States of America and is the President of the International Basketball Tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World resorts Orlando in the US, Global Cup World Championship. Mr.Eric is also the President of International company, Dailey Training International. These companies operate out of three continents around the world, Europe, Asia and South America. He is a native Floridian with roots in Ocala. Also, a 1994 graduate and four-year letterman and team captain at (TCU) Texas Christian University which led to a ten (10) year professional basketball career in Europe, Asia, and South America. Mr.Dailey perceived a creative vision coordinating the legacy of peace and social tolerance through international basketball. It was truly a pleasure to have him aboard on the journey with ARTOZE. Our next Guest joined all the way from India, Mr.Suvigya Sharma, he has been awarded the Bharat Gaurav Award and has been felicitated by Asia Book Of Records, India Book Of Records, Limca Book of Records. He is a miniature and portrait artist and a fashion designer known for his artworks across the globe. He paints intricate Miniature artworks from a coin size to a life-size using the same miniature painting technique with 24-carat gold. He commissions artworks for well-renowned personalities like HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of Dubai, Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind Sir, Mr.Sachin Tendulkar, Justin Bieber(Pop Singer) and many more. An artist from the land of the setting sun, Spain Mr.Juandres Vera from Spain. He is an International 3D artist and a very well renowned street artist who has a history of some really big brands in his kit, some of which include Nike, Walt Disney and many more. He has also been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for ephemeral anamorphic street painting on the pavement, 6 x 140 meters. He has obtained several awards from urban art projects on both ephemeral and permanent murals in two-dimensional mode and anamorphic mode (3D) in countries such as Dubai, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, among others. The career of Juandres kickstarted after winning first prize in two consecutive contests while studying for his Bachelor of Visual Arts, Vera participated in a Street Art contest. Our next guest Mr.John Hui from London has been sought after by many among the participants here today as one of their favourite artists. His artworks defamiliarize the subject depicted through abstraction and surrealism in an effort to convey an uncanny sense of beauty that challenges social archetypes. His latest project includes blog publications that are centered on sharing stories, thoughts and art that are related to our most innate human connections such as love, pain and compassion to empower others. His artworks have an uncommon sense of innate portrait of thoughts depicted visually. We also took a dive into asking the panelists about their respective fields, which indeed took be an inspiration for many among the participants of the event. Eric shared his experience through the journey of his career, he said he had always been very passionate about sports and also the business side of the industry which actually led him to create the empire he owns today. Eric’s answer for potential plans of revival was very inspiring and motivating, the piece of advice was simple but something very essential, he stated that this newfound free time should not be taken for granted and everyone should actually focus on improving themselves and prepare for the next best thing, as you never know when that might come! Mr.Suvigya has a niche style of art, on being asked about his unique talent and expertise he shared that he was born into an artistic family and the craft was passed down from generation to generation and he felt a calling to miniature paintings as it was like an understated style. John owns his style of art, it is a variation from the others in the crowd, it’s a blend of different forms that intrigued the audience and all of us as well. He elaborated and said that it was a mix of surrealism and abstraction and he also shared that he always wanted to make his artwork look realistic but was also never into the idea of traditional paintings and enjoyed creating his own art style. The exceptional participation from the audience about their individual art styles was such a breath of fresh air filled with the vibrancy of creativity and passion, each member from the audience had something uplifting to say. The audience also had some reflective questions to ask the panelists. The panel discussion went on with a wave of experiences, laughs, thoughts, journeys, perceptions, art and more, it was a time at its best on a Monday evening.

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