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ARTOZE International Art Exhibition - Digital Art & Photography Exhibition

What is creativity? This question has a simple answer, creativity is art and it is bound to one's imagination and endeavour of experimenting with colours and thoughts. An artist is made on the grounds of their ability to be creative with their expression and portrayal through their art forms, hence it's not the skill but the sole mind of a person. Digital Art is a unique form of art that uses digital technology as a part of the creative process. It is a skill you have to learn, painting on a canvas or making strokes on a device both require experience and patience. ARTOZE stages an opportunity for all the digital artists and photographers out there to exhibit their imaginative and igniting artworks, a platform requested by many out there, here we explore the contagiousness of creativity and the importance of flourishing one's skills. This is an open call for all digital artists and photographers of all ages over the spectrum of the globe. Our virtual doors are open to all having a silver lining over their skills in digital art on their fingertips. It is a shout out for an intriguing artsy experience that is guaranteed to blow your minds. It will be held on the 15th of October, 2020. Your submissions and digital magic are much awaited by the team.

The registration link is as follows:

The exhibition promises artists the benefit of international exposure and experience which will further knock on numerous doors ahead of your dream career and passion. This is an opportunity that offers to assure scope for those seeking to venture into their respective artistic fields. The event ensures to give artists outstanding visibility and comprises a team who are ready to support and back each other up. Every artist will be awarded for participation. Register before the 10th of October to join us on the artistic rollercoaster of vision and clarity with striking pieces of work and a world of art painted for a visual treatment of appeal. Every participant will be showered with the gift of appreciation, recognition and constructive criticism that will further assist you in refining your digital art skills. Experts will manifest their valuable feedback on every slant of the artist's work that will help to curate an art of superior quality on upshot. Celebratory victory along with community-based support is sure to make this a once in a lifetime experience. ARTOZE is just simply gratified to meet those with vibrant thoughts to express and welcomes you all to the enlightening journey of digital art. We believe in the true appreciation of talent in every form it exists and is constantly making efforts to give you the best online global exhibition experience ever. We wish you all the very best and are eagerly looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th of October, 2020.

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