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Art your way to Success with ARTOZE

Winston Churchill once said, "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." We often see Ted talks, read books and watch influential figures talk about models of success. All of their paths and steps may differ but the core unifying element that exists within all their success stories is the will to keep trying and the constant search for self-contentment and improvement.

Art is one of those few things that comes innately to a person. It’s an existential gift that can always be further honed. It’s a tool for bringing out the hidden mysteries of the human mind and heart onto a blank canvas. Art provides an individual with some of the most basic yet important skills required to succeed in every aspect of life. It’s a beautiful teacher with a colorful hue and a peaceful ambiance. It soothes the demons of one’s mind and builds a therapeutic safe space for them to explore their creativity and enhance their thought process and outlook on life.

At the same time art develops discipline inside an artist. It brings life to the virtue of patience; hard-work and constant strive to do better. In the field of art, at the end of the day the most significant person who you have to compete with is who you were yesterday.

It also humbles a person, makes them look at the world through a unique lens. It appreciates the beauty of life and our surroundings. It finds and brings out peculiar details in the most ordinary that we tend to overlook. We live in a constant haze of feeling like superior creatures. Art crushes that and brings us back to our humble roots. By doing this it also helps us appreciate ourselves in a healthy and beautiful way.

Art of any form, whether it is dancing, poetry, singing, painting, pottery etc., puts a halt to ones hustling life. It shows you beauty in the buzz of life and serenades you into a hymn. A hymn of the soul and body; An alliance of the two. It aids you in finding yourself, in understanding your purpose and what you aim to accomplish in life.

Even for those who don’t plan to pursue a career in the arts, it is equally important to try out art activities as it helps to take a pause, a breath and speak to your mind and heart. We often ignore these two while being immensely pressured by the world and its so called roles for us to fit in. Even though our minds are the truest things to us, yet they seem to be so foreign in these moments. Art helps to erase these doubts, to find a whole other meaning to ourselves.

Art puts a mirror in front of you. You can see yourself in it the way you actually are, your hard work, your failures, your accomplishments and your struggles. At the same time it shows the world behind you the way you view it, the way you perceive it.

Art is a true measure of one’s character and worth. A measure of self-appreciation and growth. It’s a leap of faith and a bundle of risks, but at the end of the day even if you fall back, it’ll be into a pool of your own creativity and soul. Into a garden of beauty waiting to be explored by you. The flowers will always blossom you back on top.

We at ARTOZE aim to encourage and give space to talented artists who deserve the love and spotlight worth the effort put into every piece of art. ARTOZE takes pride in being a part of the art community. We engage in connecting and inspiring artists around the globe. You can always reach out to us if you want to come forward to stand along with your fellow community members to share your experiences, views and knowledge. A platform By the Artists, For the Artists.

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