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"Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Carrie Birch

Parts of nature hold a deep connection within our souls. Untangling the mysteries of nature and the gift of wildlife we string closer to our surroundings. We should let our minds dwindle to the sounds, colours and texture of nature that will sow intricacies of art in one's life.

Carrie Birch is an artist based in Australia, who is majorly invigorated by the intricacies of wildlife. She loves the colours, light and texture of the vibe around her. She has a fetish for woven fiber art which is currently swamping her Instagram feed.

She specializes in Paper Art and through this innovative form of art she captures the reflection of wildlife that she experiences. She says she's fortunate that she lives close to a vast stretch of a national park which is home to a plethora of native flora and fauna. She thinks it's an artistic place and it's challenging not to be inspired by it. She uses paper to decipher what she perceives and collects from nature, in a way that it reflects the fragility of the land and the creatures that reside over.

Humans have always overpowered the virtue of nature to their individual means, and we all are equally liable for the loss hence caused. Carrie acknowledges this fact and realises the obligation to speak for the ones who lack a voice, she does this with the softness of paper and her exquisitely crafted skills.

Many amidst us fret to leave the corporate role we acquire in order to comprehend our passion. Its indeed a tough decision to exert. She warmly and firmly moved into her passion with ample support from her family. This has eased her to give unhindered time to perfect and polish her art.

The gift of holding uniqueness and being addressed by her clients to design unique pieces of art gives her immense pride in her work. Being able to present a creation furnished for a memory of certain special distinctive moments and events of life and being remembered by that piece of art makes her feel very fortunate and happy.

Making new bonds during this dim pandemic by being a part of the great initiative proposed by her local rural community and reaching out to people has helped her mark a positive impact in times of when the world is confronting gloomy days.

Her message for other artists "Be You. Find your passion. Let these two things smash into each other and embrace it." shows how she remains true to herself and enfolds her passion. She is invariably inspired by life, motion and the breath of nature. The grace and drama the earth posses never fails to fascinate her. She senses a strong connection with nature and cannot imagine living far from its serenity. She believes that art is present everywhere and thinks students should let themselves open to the art of nature to imbibe and get inspired. In her view, this can empower you to grow and comprehend yourself better.

We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

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