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  • CREATE 2.0: UAE’s Young Artists Shine in Unprecedented Showcase of Creativity

    CREATE 2.0, the second edition of the Artoze Inter-School Art Exhibition and Competition, presented by Evonith and powered by Magzoid Magazine, concluded successfully at the Radisson Red hotel in Silicon Oasis. It aimed to inspire the next generation of artists and unlock their artistic potential. Young artists from across the UAE displayed their remarkable creations in various artistic mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art. Registrations for CREATE 2.0 flooded in until the closing date of August 31, 2023, signifying the widespread enthusiasm for youth art serving as a testament to the UAE's creative spirit. Building upon the tremendous success of its inaugural edition, CREATE 2.0 continues to be a beacon of artistic talent and creativity in the UAE. "CREATE 2.0 is a pivotal moment for the art community, celebrating young artists and nurturing emerging talents in the vibrant UAE art scene. It serves as a platform for creativity, igniting inspiration and contributes to Dubai's artistic renaissance.”, said Khalil Abdulwahid, Emirati artist and Director of Fine Arts at Dubai Culture, emphasizes its profound impact on aspiring artists. CREATE 2.0 ignited connections and insights, leaving young participants with an unforgettable experience. The competition illuminated the importance of nurturing collaborations, participation of corporates, and educational opportunities, instilling a sense of creative empowerment among budding artists. It underscored the vital role of mentorship, fostering artistic growth, and philanthropic initiatives tailored to inspire the next generation of creators. At its essence, CREATE 2.0 is committed to fostering a sustainable and inclusive art ecosystem that encourages youthful imagination, celebrates diversity, and champions profound social impact, making it a beacon of inspiration within the realm of young artistic talents. "BFL takes immense pride in its role as the official sponsor of CREATE 2.0," expressed Toufic Kreidieh, Co-Founder and CEO of Brands For Less. "The event undeniably encapsulated a magnificent celebration of art and culture, and we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to support this dynamic and inspiring assembly of exceptionally talented artists. CREATE 2.0 is more than just an exhibition; it's a platform that nurtures young minds' artistic growth and development. It's about fostering a passion for art and nurturing creativity from an early age. Witnessing these budding talents was truly a remarkable experience, and we look forward to continuing our support for the arts in the UAE." A distinguished jury panel, consisting of respected figures from the arts and culture community, played a pivotal role in identifying brilliance and ingenuity among the young artists. Khalil Abdulwahid, Director of Fine Arts at Dubai Culture; Faisal AbdulQader, a pioneering self-taught Emirati artist; Maria Komal Abie, Head of Art at Dubai Gems Private School; Mona Biswarupa, an accomplished visual artist; and Samar Kamel, World Art Dubai and internationally acclaimed curator, meticulously evaluated the entries and highlighted exceptional talent. Before the CREATE 2.0 event, a delightful prelude unfolded, setting the stage for artistic enchantment. Violinists Aleksandr Vechkanov , Maryia Bukhtsilava, and Harpist Julie Frankoul serenaded the gallery, where the finalists' masterpieces were on display, adding a melodic touch to the atmosphere. A Sparkle Station, courtesy of Fosc Art, added a playful dimension to the occasion. Young artists not only marveled at the stunning artwork but also had their faces adorned with intricate designs inspired by their creativity. The event was hosted by Joe Mohan, aka VoiceGuyJoe, who added an artistic flair and tempo to the events proceedings. The audience was treated to a feast of performances that amplified the evening's energy. The opening and closing acts by TDS (Transformers Dance Studio) electrified the atmosphere with their mesmerizing moves. Abhisek Venkat serenaded the audience with his soulful solo singing, captivating hearts. The Black Sand Band took the stage, delivering electrifying songs that filled the crowd with excitement. Mind Play Artist Shibin Sahadevan left the audience spellbound with his telepathic and magical show, adding an extra layer of wonder to the event's artistic tapestry. These performances collectively elevated CREATE 2.0 into an unforgettable celebration of art and creativity. The Runners-up and Winners of CREATE 2.0 are: Category 1 (Grades 1-4) Winner: Nazmin Rasheed Runner-Up: Advay Sureka Category 2 (Grades 5–8) Winner: Nandana Suresh Runner-Up: Tanusha Sharma Category 3 (Grades 9–12) Winner: Trisha Mehta Runner-Up: Vasilisa Konovalova "The caliber of talent and depth of creativity were undeniably inspiring. It was a distinct honor to be part of this vibrant and dynamic celebration of art and culture," remarked Anna Nikitina, the Marketing Manager at Radisson Red. "The evening celebrated outstanding student talent and creativity, offering a platform for young artists to make their mark. I'm inspired by the organizers' commitment to nurturing the art scene and look forward to its impact on emerging talent," expressed Mr. Mohamad El-Salibi, the Assistant Marketing Manager at Al-Ain Farms. The winners will be collaborating for many exciting initiatives with the supporting brands like Al Ain Farms, Brands For Less (BFL), Radisson RED among others to create unique pieces and works with these young artists. "We are thrilled by the incredible talent that emerged from CREATE 2.0," expressed a spokesperson from Artoze Gallery. “This competition embodies our dedication to fostering young minds' artistic growth and development." Sponsors and Partners for the CREATE 2.0 Inter-School Art Exhibition and Competition: Title Partner:Evonith Gold Partners:Brands For Less, Al-Ain Farms Venue Partner:Radisson Red Powered By: Magzoid Magazine Supporting Partners: FiLLi, Magic Planet,Ahmed Al Maghribi,Nix Photography, Crystal Corp, Silver Point, Spark, Olive Media,Meraki, Khaleej Times and Young Times, UAE News 24/7, Chops,Gifts Habibi,Flower District,Transformers Dance Studio,Indian Women in Dubai (IWD) CREATE 2.0 was a resounding success, celebrating the power of art to connect people, inspire change, and create new possibilities. It underscored the importance of supporting emerging artists and creative thinkers and fostering a dynamic artistic community in the UAE.

  • CREATE 2.0: Unleashing Creative Potential in the UAE’s students

    A fusion of imagination, innovation, and inspiration is set to take center stage as CREATE 2.0 unveils a world of artistic opportunities for the UAE's schoolchildren. Powered by Magzoid Magazine and organized by Artoze Gallery and Exhibitions, this event, taking place at the captivating Radisson Red in Silicon Oasis, aims to elevate artistic expression and creativity among the young, budding talents of the nation. CREATE 2.0 is more than a competition; it is a celebration of youth's innovative and imaginative works, creating a platform that allows them to display their artistic skills and unlock their infinite creative capabilities. Magzoid Magazine and Artoze's collaboration manifests a shared vision to cultivate the next wave of artists and inspire them to unearth their artistic potential. With an array of artistic mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art, participants can express themselves in an environment that encourages growth and recognition. Open to all UAE schoolchildren, this unique platform promises an unforgettable journey into the art world. Al Ain Farms, one of the event partners, is investing in the future by providing with the winner an opportunity to collaborate with them in creating a new logo for their upcoming kid's product lineup, showcasing their unwavering support for the growth of creativity within the young generation. The venue partner, Radisson RED, is extending an electrifying opportunity for one of the winners to create a public mural in the hotel, making it a thrilling and real-world experience for the kids involved. A spokesperson from Magzoid Magazine articulated the excitement, saying, “We believe in nurturing young minds' creativity and artistic development, and this competition aligns perfectly with our vision. We look forward to unveiling the incredible talent that will emerge from this competition." The event aspires to inspire and foster young artists' passion for art. Participants will enjoy the privilege of having their artwork evaluated by esteemed judges, renowned artists, and art educators, with the ultimate prize of exhibiting their artwork on one of the walls of the Venue. Supported by Crystal Corp. and NIX Photography and with media partners Khaleej Times and Young Times, CREATE 2.0 is poised to create lasting connections, valuable insights, and an artistic community that will continue to thrive. Registration for CREATE 2.0 is open until August 31, 2023. Don't miss this opportunity to partake in a life-changing experience by submitting artwork online at

  • Graduation Ceremony - Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique - Swiss Hospitality School - Vocational Education

    From the moment life enters into this world, we are alert of it. From its first steps to its first words, we run to record these moments with delight. These minute moments that might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, hold great importance to us. Likewise, for a student, as well as their parents, graduation holds a special place in their hearts. To see your hard work and dedication finally take form of a degree, nudging you into the real world, is an instant of pride and glory. Our recent intervention was our partnership with Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique, a Swiss hospitality school for vocational education here in the UAE for their graduation ceremony held on 22nd August, 2020. Students here are often seen buzzing about with electricity while they observe, learn and let out their creative experimental side with various kinds of foods. What better than a luxurious graduation ceremony for those who have worked so hard to earn their degrees at the end of these years. Alas they deserve it. The ceremony for hoteliers was held at Radison Red Hotel. The students and staff were given a well-deserved rest and kept entertained throughout the pleasurable evening. The evening began with all the students filling in the hall. The room was brimming with thrill and excitement. The feeling of success and joy floated in the room as students were all dressed up and chirpy with anticipation. Phones were whipped out, everybody taking pictures of this memorable moment, recording stories filled with laughter and exhilaration. As everyone settled in, the students, their proud parents and the teaching staff, a momentary bliss settled in the room. Our esteemed guests who were present were renowned artists, Chadni Kasera (insert her info) and Varsha Surekha who is an Indian self-taught artist settled in Dubai. She has done various kind of paintings including abstract, landscape, mixed media, clay etc. with oil & acrylics. She exhibits in Art Galleries, Hotels, Malls, Home Decor Shops & Parks in Dubai. She is incredibly inspired by the culture of UAE which reflect in her artworks too. They made it a lively evening along with their artistic hues and flair for capturing life through colors. A gift to celebrate a moment is a symbol of remembering it and keeping it as a souvenir. It’s a search to hold the untouchable in a tangible manner. What could be better than an artistic piece to honor the evening with and remember by. A gorgeous painting signifying the contrast between the Swiss and Arab culture was made by us on a giant canvas of the size 210cm*210cm. The red color signified the Swiss whereas the drawings so beautifully portrayed the Arab culture. The golden brought out the life of the desert, and the sands that this futuristic modern oasis is surrounded by. An exclusive link was found between these two cultures, bringing out their diversity yet celebrating their bond at the same time. The red portion of the painting was filled with the memorable last day notes written by students, an ode to their journey. The entire canvas was made in such a way to capture the red theme of Radison Red Hotel, our so very generous host who let us keep the ceremony there. As students started walking up the stage to accept their certificates, cheers erupted across the room by fellow peers and family’s. To watch this evening play out so exquisitely and seeing the outbreak of appreciation and love across the room, reminded us of the purpose behind why we plan and cover such events, to bring pleasure and euphoria among people. During these grave pandemic times, morale can often be low and we are all in search of something hopeful to brighten up our days; A silver lining. A small speck of fairy dust to brighten up our eyes even for a second. While everybody is remotely stuck in their homes, organizing and managing such events and ceremonies and seeing the happiness that it ripples, keeps us humbled and captured. Providing the most safe, enjoyable and one of a kind experiences is what we take pleasure in. Whether online or at location events, making sure that they are a blast and a forever lasting memory is what we take pride in. A delightful time that didn’t make the students feel like they were missing out on the spirit of the event. The theme of the event representing the precious bond between the two cultures and their hospitable sides were decided and organized by the esteemed panel here at ARTOZE, who incorporated complete discipline, organization, dedication and depiction of your motto and service. Their essence, aura and success were ensured to be seized by us and were brought out in the most brilliant yet humble ways. The evening was subtle yet bold journey, a pleasant breeze yet breathtaking waves that left everybody in awe and admiration. Their moments of success and accomplishment are very precious yet priceless ones. The atmosphere and the aura of it is a memorable experience that we here at ARTOZE ensure to capture. Through the warm welcoming environment that we have along with the appreciation, love and talent of art, we safeguard a beautiful ride that is sure to leave the audience feeling thrilled and joyful. We understand your moments of bliss and gratitude and make it our own. We celebrate life and moments of ecstasy, with leisure, hope and commitment.

  • "Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Valentina Alexeevna

    The charm in the moonlight makes it the most admirable in the night sky. To own that kind of magic one must be unique and build an aura with originality and love. The unprecedented beauty of being the only one to own the variation of work is a task for the extremely talented and determined. Composing new alternatives to bridge the gap between creativity and standing out to be noticed is a very important and difficult task to accomplish. Someone who has truly worked to identify the relevance of being unique is Valentina Alexeevna, a Russian artist based out in the UAE. Valentina lives through the eyes and the world of a doll. She is a visual artist who works in a variety of mediums. Her art explores identity, femininity, and energy visualisation. She often paints dolls and creates abstract mixed media art. She encompasses vibrant colours, solid shapes and a focus on aesthetics with elements of glitz, where perfection is essential. United with circles, squares, 3D elements and childlike motifs. She stays away from trends and follows her vision and embraces the unfound differences in art and complexity. Addressing a trend, she prefers going in the opposite direction has it gives her the benefit of not being one in the crowd. She loves her style of being unique and original and enjoys challenging herself to make an impactful difference. Valentina has a novel take on the aim of her artworks, on being asked she revealed her thoughts by quoting, "I live through the eyes and the world of a doll. My dolls are an extension of me, and their world is my inner reality, they represent my essence and help me explore, express and embrace my true self. My dolls are personified indirect self-portraits and dollified mini girls with enlarged baby schema features, referring to facial proportions found in infants. These features amplify doll’s cuteness and youthfulness, to signify a deep appreciation for the delicate feminine nature of women. My dolls are inspired by children illustration, kawaii culture and Blythe dolls." Her divergent take on the kind of art she portrays is discrete and new. She was always passionate about art, however, she pursued business from The University of Leicester, U.K. for many years before coming to art. She learned fine art in the form of private tutoring, from artists from the Fine Art Society of Moscow and became an artist by profession in 2017. She started teaching workshops for kids and adults as she got back to Dubai, the place she was brought up in and the city that kept her inspired and motivated her art career. This career path took off very quickly as she created signature workshops with her own techniques, which was completely new, and nobody had taught before. She worked and spread her knowledge and views of art and technique in almost all art schools in Dubai, various festivals and was the main art teacher at World Art Dubai in 2019. Meanwhile, Valentina was working on her new art series and have now left teaching to focus and give more time to her creative ideas and art. She exhibited her work across the UAE, including Maker Fair and World Art Dubai exhibitions as a solo artist. This was an impeccable achievement and a milestone to the blooming career of the Dubai Doll. Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons are her inspirations for their art, persistence and success. She experiences immense happiness and pride in the fact that she had been asked to exhibit and run almost all the art workshops at World Art Dubai in 2019. She further says, "This was definitely a major achievement, considering I am a self-taught artist." She also shares her experience working with WAD, "In the previous years, the wonderful WAD team has always worked with large art centres and many different artists, while last year they chose a single art teacher. It was a wonderful experience for me and a big responsibility to deliver excellent workshops!" This reflects on the huge potential and talent Valentina possess as an artist and a teacher. Her dedication and hard work have gifted her a chain of memories and achievements to celebrate along with new work relationships and one-of-a-kind experiences. She believes, art enables us to see and beyond this reality, it opens creativity, intuition and feelings. These are very important for any career path hence art plays a crucial role in a student's life. Enabling them with the liberty of exploring what is boundless will teach them lessons of decision making and creativity at the same time. Exploring ideas yet to be explored is an accomplishment you should encourage children to aim. "Artists should make it a priority to learn everything about the art world and how it works. Speaking with artists and curators is the best, to gain this understanding." This is a very thoughtful message Valentina wants to share with other artists. We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

  • "Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Tommy Balogh

    The great Armenian-American painter Arshile Gorky once said, “Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes. Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.” Art has a voice that has different tones and pitches, which we as humans capture through the magical notes of our fingers. This voice needs to be sung through the flairs of paintbrushes and strokes of paints, filling a blank canvas with mesmerizing colors and creating an alternate reality filled with hues of wonder and incredulity. Tommy Balogh is an Australian artist residing in Australia who specializes in light-reactive organic abstract art. His Instagram account is one that you need to get your eyes accustomed to, a bash of different colors, from bright to mellow tones, to pastels to grayish hues all blended with different designs and intricacies. He current follows art trends like the spearhead interactive organic abstract art. He likes to follow and gain exposure from a handful of fluid art accounts and people with a unique artistic vision that keep him inspired and intrigued. A meaning and purpose behind an artwork is what makes it even more priceless in the eyes of the creator and the viewer, to know that a certain story or lesson is being conveyed is what blossoms its value. Tommy’s work aims at awakening our sense of awe and wonder through his arts fusion of organic abstract form and light within people and he successfully does this with immense grace and poise. He has developed his career from scratch, never shying away from taking major opportunities and learning and growing with them through an eclectic mix of experiences. Long story short, it started with graduating with an Honor from the Australian National University School of Art to a stint in street art on the streets of Sydney, to an invite-only residency to Germany by the founders of VIVID international light festival, to his most recent collaborations with international companies, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. It’s been an incredible journey on which his family is also quintessential to him and his path as an artist and person. Pride and self-satisfaction are components that help an artist or any individual for that matter to find worth in their being and is a motivating force to keep trying and daring to take higher leaps. Tommy is proud of many things but the most significant turning points for him is the landmark exposition at Nishi Gallery in 2016 in Canberra, Australia. Voyage was his most successful exhibition, it made the Australian National News and he was interviewed on TV to tell his story, plus the invite-only residency to Studio Kybra, Germany which gave him extraordinary experiences, opportunities and contacts. This pandemic has brought out the challenges in life that we thought we would never face, putting things in perspective for many of us and giving a new meaning to our life. The pandemic brought Tommy out of his comfort zone. Through these challenges he set up his home studio, kicked up various collaborations, participated in podcasts and generated new concept pieces to push his practice further and spread his message to the world through the digital realm. Passing on your practices and lessons as a creator is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon the world apart from your art. Tommy’s message to other artists is to never give up and fight for your passion in life, which is your art. But the most important thing is that if you are young, plan ahead where you want to be. That way you can step in the right directions and define your career trajectory early on. His advice can not only be applied in the field of art, but in all walks of life. In Tommy’s view art is important because it frees your imagination, but if a student is serious about art they must be prepared to develop a thick skin and learn through example to make it a real career. Art is not easy to make into a paying career, especially one that you can support your family on. Having said that, never losing sight of the bigger picture and what you want to contribute to the world at large is very important. The source of your drive should be what should be remembered during the dark times. A family is an unbreakable unit that bears through every weather, making sure its roof stays put. For Tommy too, his family is his greatest inspiration because they have gone through it all with him, including his parents in the early years of his career and journey. He is highly influenced by artists of the likes of Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst and James Turrell. We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

  • ARTOZE International Art Exhibition - Digital Art & Photography Exhibition

    What is creativity? This question has a simple answer, creativity is art and it is bound to one's imagination and endeavour of experimenting with colours and thoughts. An artist is made on the grounds of their ability to be creative with their expression and portrayal through their art forms, hence it's not the skill but the sole mind of a person. Digital Art is a unique form of art that uses digital technology as a part of the creative process. It is a skill you have to learn, painting on a canvas or making strokes on a device both require experience and patience. ARTOZE stages an opportunity for all the digital artists and photographers out there to exhibit their imaginative and igniting artworks, a platform requested by many out there, here we explore the contagiousness of creativity and the importance of flourishing one's skills. This is an open call for all digital artists and photographers of all ages over the spectrum of the globe. Our virtual doors are open to all having a silver lining over their skills in digital art on their fingertips. It is a shout out for an intriguing artsy experience that is guaranteed to blow your minds. It will be held on the 15th of October, 2020. Your submissions and digital magic are much awaited by the team. The registration link is as follows: The exhibition promises artists the benefit of international exposure and experience which will further knock on numerous doors ahead of your dream career and passion. This is an opportunity that offers to assure scope for those seeking to venture into their respective artistic fields. The event ensures to give artists outstanding visibility and comprises a team who are ready to support and back each other up. Every artist will be awarded for participation. Register before the 10th of October to join us on the artistic rollercoaster of vision and clarity with striking pieces of work and a world of art painted for a visual treatment of appeal. Every participant will be showered with the gift of appreciation, recognition and constructive criticism that will further assist you in refining your digital art skills. Experts will manifest their valuable feedback on every slant of the artist's work that will help to curate an art of superior quality on upshot. Celebratory victory along with community-based support is sure to make this a once in a lifetime experience. ARTOZE is just simply gratified to meet those with vibrant thoughts to express and welcomes you all to the enlightening journey of digital art. We believe in the true appreciation of talent in every form it exists and is constantly making efforts to give you the best online global exhibition experience ever. We wish you all the very best and are eagerly looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th of October, 2020.

  • ARTOZE Online International Art Exhibition - Towards The Change

    Healing and rejuvenation starts from within and begins with hope. It’s a spiritual and mental journey that gives our physical bodies the boost to revive and come out stronger through tough times; to make a comeback like never before. Taking lessons about your surroundings and yourself and moving forward with these priceless gems to imagine and lead a better tomorrow is the way to go. It isn’t always the easiest since the pressure of it all can weigh a person down, but with dedication and optimistic approach to life, one can blossom and flourish through the gloomy days. We here at ARTOZE have been capturing life and talent during this grave pandemic. During this time where spirits may be running low and circumstances seem hard, we are here to offer artists and budding talents an opportunity to rejuvenate and explore their artistic sides through their visions for life after the pandemic. On some days things may seem better, while on some the world may look like it’s falling apart, but the true perception of how we adjust and live our lives after this chaos is through the unique lens of each individual and how they decide to thrive. Our latest expedition is the online international art exhibition, ‘Towards The Change’ for artists of all ages across the globe. The dominant theme of the event and artworks are ‘Resurgence- Life After The Pandemic’. It will take place on 27th of October, 2020 which is on a Sunday and the artworks will be showcased in an online art virtual gallery. Our online virtual galleries have been known to provide a surreal experience and are sure to leave you wanting for more. You can register at the following link: Apart from the enhancement of your artistic skills and a cause to look at the silver lining of this whole phenomena taking place, such types of exhibitions guarantee international recognition and outstanding visibility. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your thoughts in front of the world and a chance to contribute your opinion to many people’s lives. This will ensure immense support from a network of art lovers who are ready to back you up at any moment and a team that supports you. Support and appreciation go a long way in the world of art, but along with it feedback and constructive criticism are the healthy tools for success. We guarantee to offer you with the mediums and stepping stones from the best experts. A certificate of participation will be awarded to every participant for their victorious contributions. ARTOZE is just simply pleased and excited to meet those with vibrant thoughts to paint. We are constantly making efforts to give you the best online global exhibition experience. We promise a one of a kind experience and wish you all the very best and look forward to see you all.

  • ARTOZE International Art Exhibition for Artists - My Brush Strokes

    Talent is owned, knowledge is spread and vision is perceived, and taking inspiration from one's journey is always an amusing drive thru their stories and thoughts. ARTOZE takes pride in being able to connect minds that seek inspiration and absorb ideas and sagacity with personalities who have a tale to share. The International Art Exhibition 'My Brush Strokes' was an event much awaited by the followers of ARTOZE, the launch ceremony was indeed an intriguing and insightful ride over the waves of thoughts and perceptions that rippled in discussions and talks that followed. The event took abode at 5:00 pm, but the participants had stated joining before in time beginning from 4:30 pm which was the joining time. The art gallery of the previous event, The International Art Exhibition for Students 'The Creative Buds' inaugurated the journey towards the next. The latest edition of the ARTOZE International Magazine, which gained over 20k+ views also made an entry before the official start time. The hosts raised flags on how the audience should submit feedbacks on their social media pages about the exhibition. This instantly stirred the chatbox with numerous warm and positive comments which ignited the spirits of the organizers even more. The overwhelming response on social media, where the meeting participants posted photos on Instagram tagging that day was a fulfilling achievement accomplished via the event. All guest speakers were in attendance and there was an engaging chat with John Hui about how the previous event was essential as it nurtures and encourages a passion for art in a tender age before being wrapped in creative blocks and hindrances of life, which will eventually open doors of self-discovery for them. The entire pace and excitement of the event hyped as the current exhibition gallery was presented, this also included, how one can walk through the gallery on their own as well, this resulted in a remarkable outpour of response from the audience in the chatbox. The temperatures raised as the enthusiasm among the audience fired. Following was the introduction of all the panel members one by one in the following order, all of them actively took part in discussions during the event which certainly enlightened everyone sharing and receiving thoughts. Mr.Eric Dailey was our First Guest, he is from the United States of America and is the President of the International Basketball Tournament at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World resorts Orlando in the US, Global Cup World Championship. Mr.Eric is also the President of International company, Dailey Training International. These companies operate out of three continents around the world, Europe, Asia and South America. He is a native Floridian with roots in Ocala. Also, a 1994 graduate and four-year letterman and team captain at (TCU) Texas Christian University which led to a ten (10) year professional basketball career in Europe, Asia, and South America. Mr.Dailey perceived a creative vision coordinating the legacy of peace and social tolerance through international basketball. It was truly a pleasure to have him aboard on the journey with ARTOZE. Our next Guest joined all the way from India, Mr.Suvigya Sharma, he has been awarded the Bharat Gaurav Award and has been felicitated by Asia Book Of Records, India Book Of Records, Limca Book of Records. He is a miniature and portrait artist and a fashion designer known for his artworks across the globe. He paints intricate Miniature artworks from a coin size to a life-size using the same miniature painting technique with 24-carat gold. He commissions artworks for well-renowned personalities like HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of Dubai, Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind Sir, Mr.Sachin Tendulkar, Justin Bieber(Pop Singer) and many more. An artist from the land of the setting sun, Spain Mr.Juandres Vera from Spain. He is an International 3D artist and a very well renowned street artist who has a history of some really big brands in his kit, some of which include Nike, Walt Disney and many more. He has also been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for ephemeral anamorphic street painting on the pavement, 6 x 140 meters. He has obtained several awards from urban art projects on both ephemeral and permanent murals in two-dimensional mode and anamorphic mode (3D) in countries such as Dubai, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Thailand, among others. The career of Juandres kickstarted after winning first prize in two consecutive contests while studying for his Bachelor of Visual Arts, Vera participated in a Street Art contest. Our next guest Mr.John Hui from London has been sought after by many among the participants here today as one of their favourite artists. His artworks defamiliarize the subject depicted through abstraction and surrealism in an effort to convey an uncanny sense of beauty that challenges social archetypes. His latest project includes blog publications that are centered on sharing stories, thoughts and art that are related to our most innate human connections such as love, pain and compassion to empower others. His artworks have an uncommon sense of innate portrait of thoughts depicted visually. We also took a dive into asking the panelists about their respective fields, which indeed took be an inspiration for many among the participants of the event. Eric shared his experience through the journey of his career, he said he had always been very passionate about sports and also the business side of the industry which actually led him to create the empire he owns today. Eric’s answer for potential plans of revival was very inspiring and motivating, the piece of advice was simple but something very essential, he stated that this newfound free time should not be taken for granted and everyone should actually focus on improving themselves and prepare for the next best thing, as you never know when that might come! Mr.Suvigya has a niche style of art, on being asked about his unique talent and expertise he shared that he was born into an artistic family and the craft was passed down from generation to generation and he felt a calling to miniature paintings as it was like an understated style. John owns his style of art, it is a variation from the others in the crowd, it’s a blend of different forms that intrigued the audience and all of us as well. He elaborated and said that it was a mix of surrealism and abstraction and he also shared that he always wanted to make his artwork look realistic but was also never into the idea of traditional paintings and enjoyed creating his own art style. The exceptional participation from the audience about their individual art styles was such a breath of fresh air filled with the vibrancy of creativity and passion, each member from the audience had something uplifting to say. The audience also had some reflective questions to ask the panelists. The panel discussion went on with a wave of experiences, laughs, thoughts, journeys, perceptions, art and more, it was a time at its best on a Monday evening.

  • ARTOZE International Art Exhibition For Students - The Creative Buds

    Our souls are like drops in the ocean, waiting to be found and having the sunlight glint off of them. They’re the Pandora boxes to our personalities and the culmination of our heart, body and minds. These precious elements give birth to some of the most beautiful qualities that make a person a human. Talent, imagination, creativity, compassion, empathy and love. Souls are the embodiment of art, of pure human elegance and rawness. From the time of birth, a child is exposed to all forms of art and hues around it. Art is what helps it pave its way into the world and make sense of the haunting yet magnificent chaos. Art is the building block for a child to grow and blossom into an independent and assured adult. It’s a tool for them to find themselves and make sense of their surroundings in the most astounding manner. It’s what encourages people to leave a mark on this world. Our International exhibition ‘The Creative Buds’, was a long awaited ride, that gave a refreshing boost to all those who participated and were a part of this experience. The award ceremony was an exciting event that kept all the participants as well as their parents on the edges of their seats. This would have not been possible without our honorable jury members, Kritika Rawat, Rich Mccor, Maria Mishkareva, Dhaval Khatri and our sponsors, Equifax Tourism and Travel LLC and BRAINOBRAIN. Obviously it would have been an incomplete evening without our talented students and their ever supporting parents. As students and jury members started entering the call a thrilling buzz had settled in the air. Webcams were popping on with their shy yet energetic faces showing up on the screen. The feeling of restlessness to begin the show was apparent in everyone’s voices. The event started off with a bang with our energetic host who embraced everyone with a warm, accepting and lively sentiment. The first category was filled with paintings from our younger artists, ages up to seven, that left us in immense awe. The theme of this category was ‘Planet Earth’, a very important subject during these frail times that our planet is facing. To see such young kids exhibit such talent was truly inspiring. Their scenes of sunsets and night skies left us feeling exhilarated. The first prize in this category was awarded to Insiyah Mansoor of Gulf Indian High School. The second prize was awarded to Amrita Syam of Gulf Indian High School and the third prize was a tie between Burhanuddin Maimoon of MSB Private School and Lun Hoi Ching Alyssa of Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Tsuen Wan Kindergarten. This category was followed by a token of wisdom from our jury member Kritika Rawat who is the biggest and most awarded Asian celebrity in the Middle East, Co-founder of K Kompany and also called the unofficial Ambassador of the Asian Community in Dubai, a voice that that numerous south Asians relate to. She has been doing radio for the last 15 years and single handedly has built an empire of her own. Throughout the event along with the award distribution there was simultaneous polling and activities taking place on our socials that made it an even more interactive and thrilling session. Our second category featured students from the ages eight to thirteen with the designated theme as ‘The Beautiful Nature’. The students made sure to do justice to each and every aspect of this theme. They brought their own special touch of imagination, perspective and originality to it. The first prize of this category was awarded to Angira Dasgupta Arinda of Loreto Day School. The second prize was awarded to Samiksha Kamal Verma of Saint Xaviers School. The third prize was once again a tie between Kirti Avinash Phadtare of JSS International School and Vanessa Daniela Ferreira da Cruz of Pinheiro Basic and Secondary School. Our esteemed jury member Rich Mccor, is a London-based photographer who has been described as a non-destructive vandal within the confines of a camera viewfinder. He has a grown social media following and has been hired by numerous brands to bring his unique perspective to their marketing. He left us with some insightful gems into the world of creativity, bravery and talent. Our third jury member Maria Mishkareva, a renowned watercolor artist located in Russia whose work has left us all in total awe and admiration lent her immense support and insight into our event. What better than some joyous games and activities to bring up the morale of kids as well as break the ice between them and create a bond. Students faces lit up with joy as they heard of the planned ice breakers. We played the classic ‘Simon Says’ that always gets the crowd moving and leaves you with stomach-aching laughter. It was indeed a sight to behold, students running about, jumping, touching their noses with their tongues and laughing all along. As the rush settled in we began with our third category which was themed as ‘The Future I Visualize’. This was for students aged between fourteen to eighteen, who left us enlightened with their thoughts and vision for a better tomorrow. Their paintings were that which were filled with hope, empathy, human connection and passion. The winner of the first prize for this category was Varsha Saju Nair of Delhi Private School. The second prize was given to Vaishnavi Satheeshkumar of Gulf Indian High school. The third prize was awarded to Selimaq Achour of Star International School. The anticipation for the Public Choice Award was growing by the second with almost more than 3000+ appreciations. But before that our esteemed jury member, Dhawal Khatri who is a phenomenal artist and a unique talent inaugurated this category. His artwork has been showcased internationally and recognized by the most renowned people across the globe. A game of riddles got everyone hyped up and rushing to use their grey cells. With answers popping in from every viewer, a beautiful chaos settled in, a perfect gateway for the public choice award winner announcement. Cheers erupted at the name of our award winner Vanshita Aggarwal of Gems New Millennium School and there was complete bliss that settled in. What a beautiful way to end the evening and yet a refreshing break right before the school routine begins. What we saw was hope, what we recognized was the small joys and pleasures of life and what we learnt is that our kids are truly the leaders of a better tomorrow. The pioneers who will leave deep shining marks into this world.

  • ARTOZE International Art Magazine - Edition: July-Sept, 2020

    The wait is over, and the intriguing journey through the minds brimming with creativity begins! The climate is changing from the pale pandemic to picturesque strokes of waves in the sky because here we launch the much-awaited ARTOZE International Magazine. Here we delineate talents across the globe and inspiring anecdotes by established personalities. From the amateur to the professionals, the ARTOZE International Magazine provides a prestigious abode to everyone. Let's join hands and pave a new journey of success and unprecedented growth. The magazine engraves the 'Inspire and Empower' series featuring popular artists which plates a slice of everything that can give an insightful read, and maybe pull the string of creativity in you, or move that one rock that stopped you from pursuing your passion. The beauty of imagination abides in art, travelling through the words and ideas of the artists assure the ignition of a flame with colors brighter than the rainbow. Get a hard copy of the magazine to let your craft find a spring to the top. In the Blog Spot, you get to read and travel through the chain of thoughts of our writers, who present opinions and facts you must know about art and its impact on various aspects of life and people. Being well informed is always key. The art competition held at the Gulf Indian High School stirred some innovative and intricate artworks, the students enthusiastically participated in the successful event. The award ceremony was held online subsequent to the competition to prize the deserving winners. Despite the difficulties that came in due to the pandemic, the children were very positive and excited, the parents showed immense support and it was indeed a delightful evening. The juries including Mitun De Sarkar, Malvika Vardhan, Varsha Sureka, Snisha Sreejith and Julia Smolenkova views and insights on art and the importance of art for children exclusively to ARTOZE. Their presence at the award ceremony made the event all the more engaging and rich in experience. Motivation and opportunities are very important ingredients for the success of a child's dream and the juries truly supported this statement and encouraged the children to keep embracing their creativity and not let it fade out as age steps in with factors like responsibilities and commitments. The humble and inspiring words of the jury members surely motivated the kids to keep their artistic insights alive. ARTOZE organizes fun events and competitions to keep artistic minds engaged in their creative zone, one such venture is the 'Doodle A Day' competition. To know more follow on Instagram and stay updated on all our exciting contests ahead. ARTOZE has always been very warm to welcome young talents and bid their creativity to deserving heights. To achieve this objective we celebrate creativity via the exciting global events, competitions and exhibitions, to know more about the upcoming ventures get hold of the ARTOZE magazine promptly. We promise, with this International Magazine you're signing up for an experience visually appealing and creatively inspiring. Join us on the joyride of watching waves in the sky. We conclude by saying "A book without words is like a creative mind without opportunities", and ARTOZE believes and works towards providing opportunities to everyone who holds a tinge of art and creativity in them. Get hold of the ARTOZE International Magazine now! Click here to get your magazine now.

  • "Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Michelle Gonzalez

    Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher was once quoted saying, “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Apart from the superficial aspect of art, it always holds a deep meaning with its creator. A purpose, reflection or a special message. The beauty of art is when others viewing the artwork can find this link, or have their own interpretation of what it means to them and use this to their advantage. Use this perspective to hone their own demons and bloom their individualistic identities. Art has been excessively used in the field of psychology. From psychological analysis to artistic therapy, its benefits and contribution have been seen on a large scale. Artistic expression has been very useful to those suffering from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc. Art therapy can be valuable in navigating anxiety. It can become another healthy tool in our collection whether you are suffering from anxiety that is occasional or chronic. One big benefit of art therapy is its ability to calm the nervous system. When we’re focused on creating, our attention shifts away from worrisome ruminations. For many artists, holding on to these healing properties of art is essential to their work. Michelle Gonzalez is a Filipino artist living in the Philippines itself. The main art form that she specializes in is watercolors. Her Instagram page is a proof of all her beautiful current trends, ranging from loose floral to botanical watercolor. The lightness and airiness of her brush strokes can be felt through her paintings. With depictions of birds to picturesque floral paintings sprawled all over her feed, it is truly a sight for sore eyes. Every artist wants to send a message through their art. To know that someone out there connects with your work and that it helps them in some way is the best gift one can receive. Her aim is to inspire watercolor beginners through her art, as well as those who are using art to manage their stress or anxiety, or use art as therapy for mental or physical health. Michelle has been painting with watercolors since 2018. She painted on sketchbooks almost every day to learn more about the medium and also to cope with her own stress and anxiety. In 2019, a wonderful miniature painter and modern calligrapher, Niña Hidalgo, invited her to have art challenges collaboration with her and an amazing art supplies business, Hue & Ai. This experience motivated her to continue engaging with her followers with more art challenges. Later on, she found herself connecting with more artists and art brands. Latter part of 2019, she started to teach on Skillshare and it has been a remarkable journey since then. Self-perseverance and belief in your abilities takes one a long way. Michelle’s personal growth throughout her art journey is one that seeps immense pride into her. She was not fortunate to have support from her parents to pursue her love for fine arts when she was younger, and so what she currently is and has, is something that she never thought she would achieve. At her age, she never thought she would ever become creative again. She thought her skills were lost and is so glad that she has evolved and improved through the last couple of years. To see that someone could rise up and succeed despite the lack of support from the strongest unit of family in their lives, really sparks a flicker of hope within people. Such stories restore their belief and confidence in their own skills. During this pandemic, when hope and motivation are on an all-time low, Michelle along with Moonster Handmade Leather and an art friend who she greatly admires, has initiated an art challenge to spread positive messages for front liners all over the world, #apartbuttogetherinart. Through this art challenge, artists were encouraged to post their artworks dedicated to front liners. The winner receives a prize for themselves and another one for the front liner of their choice. This also ensures to create a priceless support system between those who are on the front lines and the rest of us. A sense of appreciation and gratitude, as well as a token for their endless hard work and dedication to saving lives. Her message to other artists is through commending everyone who creates art because this benefits not just themselves but others as well. Their commitment to creating art not only gives them growth, joy, and so many emotional, physical, and psychological benefits, it also gives everyone else the feeling of wonder, inspiration, and joy. During this chaotic time, they can use their gift to spread positive energy into this world. Art gives students a unique perspective into anything. It widens their imagination, breaks boundaries and enables them to go out of the box. Her advice to students out there would be to keep trying, never think it to be too late to venture into their artistic capabilities and realize the power that art holds. We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

  • "Inspire and Empower" - Featured Artist - Supriti Chauhan

    The laburnum tree is the personification of life and beauty; it is a part of nature that stands out because of its vibrant yellow shades. The golden chain tree is home to the rainbow of wildlife. With all the love and grace the tree carries, it tends to reflect more on the canvas of Supriti Chauhan, an Indian artist and educator based out in India. Supriti Chauhan connects to the heart of nature which explains the secret of originality and inspiring beauty brimming in all her paintings. Her work aims at bringing enlightenment and the urge to admire and find the beauty of our surroundings, that we have probably forgotten in our mundane lives. Her paintings bring an insightful tinge of excitement in our perspective of nature, it germinates the buried feelings for the rain, flowers, foliage and the little visitors who play an important role keeping this world together in one piece. It is an experience that holds true to the visual appeal of a naturalistic and artistic view. Her work drives you to seek inspiration from nature and value the essence of what you own. She believes that nature has the power to transform you if you allow it to, one has to embrace it the way it is and that’s when the magic begins to unravel- of the restorative and spiritual realm of a world within you, in sync with nature. She enjoys gardening and encourages her audience to do the same as it is important to adopt sustainable practices that help you lead a healthier life by developing organic eating habits. In her view this is very much possible even though it may seem like a long haul. "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"- Vincent Van Gogh. He has remained to be her all time inspiration for the way he captures the intricacies of nature in his perspective and then to the canvas. She also loves Claude Monet's works for the way he plays around with light, colors and how it influences human emotions. She has forever been intrigued by their techniques of capturing nature and portraying it the most appealing way possible. Focus and concentration are important parts of not only student life but also the life in a world outside the comfort zone. It is essential to be pressed and motivated to achieve the set goals in life and attaining them helps one discover oneself like a book of mysteries. In Supriti Chauhan’s view, art teaches students to be focused as one perseveres through any creative endeavor or a medium, focus is imperative; one becomes more purposeful striving towards a planned and intended outcome. She believes art helps children in developing important characteristics that they will need as adults- creativity and imagination, communication, collaboration, confidence, critical thinking, problem solving apart from patience and aesthetics. The list is endless. This shows how as an educator she focuses not just on the academic excellence of a student but also acknowledges and embraces the creative and artistic instincts of a springing young talent and the fact she has been able to successfully juggle between her profession, family and creative endeavors gives her a high. It makes her feel proud to be able to learn something new every single day. Her message to other artists is simply just effective and inspiring, she encourages and urges creative minds to start their journey, and not wait for that one moment or that perfect art supply. She says, "Just start, flow with it and let the magic of colors take over." Pursuing your passion that brings you joy and helps you rejuvenate and heal yourself is nothing wrong, she asks other artists to take colors as their guide and travel through the unravelling journey they take you through. She believes challenging yourself to paint every day can make a big difference as consistency is key to the uphill ride. She considers participation in art challenges and interaction with the online community members (this is exactly what we at ARTOZE aim at) as a method to stay consistent with your daily practice and keep you inspired throughout the adventure. Art is not a for Supriti Chauhan career, it is a retreat. She is an educator by profession. ‘Laburnum Soul’, is something that takes her away from it all and helps her destress, heal and feel rejuvenated every single morning, brimming with new ideas not only at her work-place but also in all her creative endeavors. Being a soul stringed to nature, she has taken various steps in this lockdown to contribute to the mother earth. She learned to grow her own microgreens in a limited space and practice hydroponics. The Pandemic also led her to become more mindful in the garbage disposal system and she has adopted more sustainable practices for the same. We conclude by quoting the words of the Supriti Chauhan "Nature is mindful and restorative. All these practices are reflective and evident in my artworks." We at ARTOZE encourage and highly appreciate such actions where artists come forward to stand along with the other fellow community members to share their experiences, views and knowledge through "Inspire and Empower", a series By the Artists, For the Artists in association with ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibitions.

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