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My Brush Strokes - An Online International Art Exhibition for Artists

Creativity of any sort is a blessing to humanity. It is a means of giving purpose and meaning to mundane ordinary aspects of your life. Someone could be describing their daily routine, but once they do it through the flairs of brush strokes or the movement of their hands and feet swishing in the air or through a beautiful melodic harmony or through ink on pages, it converts the ordinary into extraordinary. It gives life to the artist as well as those viewing their art.

We at ARTOZE believe in equal opportunities for everyone. Everyone deserves a chance to a platform to showcase their talent. In our new edition of our latest exhibition, we explore the contagiousness of creativity and the importance of flourishing of one’s skills.

This is an open call for artists across the globe. Our virtual doors are open to anyone who possesses even the slightest sliver of artistic vision inside of them. It is a shout for an intriguing artsy experience that is guaranteed to blow your minds. It will be held on 15th of August 2020. The last day of registration is 10th August 2020. We can’t wait for all your submissions.

The contest can be entered through the following registration link:

Our exhibition is bound to offer artists with numerous deluxe benefits. Showcasing one’s artwork promises international recognition that is bound to open multiple doors. During this prime time of your careers, where a boost of acknowledgement and recognition goes a long way, an opportunity like this offers promising scope for those seeking to venture into their respective artistic fields.

Our event ensures to give artists outstanding visibility and creates a warm team of members who are ready to support and back each other up. Every participant will be awarded with a certificate of participation. We believe in the true appreciation of talent in whichever form it exists.

For every artist along with appreciation, criticism is a golden ray that helps them guide through the chaos. We have experts present who will offer their feedback on every aspect of the artist's work that will help improving and benefitting their work. Celebratory victory along with a community-based support is sure to make this a once in a lifetime experience.

ARTOZE is just simply pleased and excited to meet those with vibrant thoughts to paint. We are constantly making efforts to give you the best online global exhibition experience. We wish you all the very best and look forward to see you all.

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