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Graduation Ceremony - Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique - Swiss Hospitality School - Vocational Education

From the moment life enters into this world, we are alert of it. From its first steps to its first words, we run to record these moments with delight. These minute moments that might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, hold great importance to us. Likewise, for a student, as well as their parents, graduation holds a special place in their hearts. To see your hard work and dedication finally take form of a degree, nudging you into the real world, is an instant of pride and glory.

Our recent intervention was our partnership with Ecole Hôtelière Helvétique, a Swiss hospitality school for vocational education here in the UAE for their graduation ceremony held on 22nd August, 2020. Students here are often seen buzzing about with electricity while they observe, learn and let out their creative experimental side with various kinds of foods. What better than a luxurious graduation ceremony for those who have worked so hard to earn their degrees at the end of these years. Alas they deserve it. The ceremony for hoteliers was held at Radison Red Hotel. The students and staff were given a well-deserved rest and kept entertained throughout the pleasurable evening.

The evening began with all the students filling in the hall. The room was brimming with thrill and excitement. The feeling of success and joy floated in the room as students were all dressed up and chirpy with anticipation. Phones were whipped out, everybody taking pictures of this memorable moment, recording stories filled with laughter and exhilaration.

As everyone settled in, the students, their proud parents and the teaching staff, a momentary bliss settled in the room. Our esteemed guests who were present were renowned artists, Chadni Kasera (insert her info) and Varsha Surekha who is an Indian self-taught artist settled in Dubai. She has done various kind of paintings including abstract, landscape, mixed media, clay etc. with oil & acrylics. She exhibits in Art Galleries, Hotels, Malls, Home Decor Shops & Parks in Dubai. She is incredibly inspired by the culture of UAE which reflect in her artworks too. They made it a lively evening along with their artistic hues and flair for capturing life through colors.

A gift to celebrate a moment is a symbol of remembering it and keeping it as a souvenir. It’s a search to hold the untouchable in a tangible manner. What could be better than an artistic piece to honor the evening with and remember by. A gorgeous painting signifying the contrast between the Swiss and Arab culture was made by us on a giant canvas of the size 210cm*210cm. The red color signified the Swiss whereas the drawings so beautifully portrayed the Arab culture. The golden brought out the life of the desert, and the sands that this futuristic modern oasis is surrounded by. An exclusive link was found between these two cultures, bringing out their diversity yet celebrating their bond at the same time. The red portion of the painting was filled with the memorable last day notes written by students, an ode to their journey. The entire canvas was made in such a way to capture the red theme of Radison Red Hotel, our so very generous host who let us keep the ceremony there.

As students started walking up the stage to accept their certificates, cheers erupted across the room by fellow peers and family’s. To watch this evening play out so exquisitely and seeing the outbreak of appreciation and love across the room, reminded us of the purpose behind why we plan and cover such events, to bring pleasure and euphoria among people.

During these grave pandemic times, morale can often be low and we are all in search of something hopeful to brighten up our days; A silver lining. A small speck of fairy dust to brighten up our eyes even for a second. While everybody is remotely stuck in their homes, organizing and managing such events and ceremonies and seeing the happiness that it ripples, keeps us humbled and captured. Providing the most safe, enjoyable and one of a kind experiences is what we take pleasure in. Whether online or at location events, making sure that they are a blast and a forever lasting memory is what we take pride in. A delightful time that didn’t make the students feel like they were missing out on the spirit of the event.

The theme of the event representing the precious bond between the two cultures and their hospitable sides were decided and organized by the esteemed panel here at ARTOZE, who incorporated complete discipline, organization, dedication and depiction of your motto and service.

Their essence, aura and success were ensured to be seized by us and were brought out in the most brilliant yet humble ways. The evening was subtle yet bold journey, a pleasant breeze yet breathtaking waves that left everybody in awe and admiration.

Their moments of success and accomplishment are very precious yet priceless ones. The atmosphere and the aura of it is a memorable experience that we here at ARTOZE ensure to capture. Through the warm welcoming environment that we have along with the appreciation, love and talent of art, we safeguard a beautiful ride that is sure to leave the audience feeling thrilled and joyful. We understand your moments of bliss and gratitude and make it our own. We celebrate life and moments of ecstasy, with leisure, hope and commitment.

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